Ready-to-Finish Cookies

Cookies are a recipe for success with all age groups, and as consumers look for more hand-held sweet treats to fit an indulgent pick-me-up into their busy afternoons, cookies continue to please. Dawn’s frozen, pre-portioned, ready-to-bake dough makes it easy to offer a complete line of fresh-baked cookies in all the most popular flavors. With 10 classic flavors and four upscale, indulgent varieties to choose from, you can avoid the labor and mess of scratch-made or scoopable batter — while still offering the fresh-baked quality and experience your customers want.

With a little help from Dawn, you can rest assured that your cookies will offer great taste, chewy texture and the appearance and aroma of made-from-scratch cookies that will bring customers back time after time.



  • Made with high-quality ingredients, such as real chocolate and walnuts, and plump raisins
  • Contain zero grams trans fat
  • Created for zero product waste — use only what you need
  • Frozen, pre-portioned, ready-to-bake dough
  • Consistent product weights and uniformity
  • Packaged in a compact case size that is easy to store and allows you to offer a wider range of flavors