Muffin Batters

Baked Fresh in Your Bakery

Our proprietary consumer research* shows "Baked fresh in store," is THE most appealing claim to consumers and one that motivated them to pay a premium.

The Right Assortment to Maximize Bakery Profitability

By minimizing out of stock situations for flavors customers want most, let your muffin display work harder to help grow your business.

Our frozen muffin batters offer “scoop and bake” convenience to minimize preparation time and provide you with the flexibility to make a variety of products. Our extensive line of flavors allows you to create muffins, ring cakes and loaf cakes in the most popular varieties or use our pudding cake batter as a base to create your own signature products.  Our batter is easy to use for staff of any skill level, so your bakery can save time, money and labor while performing consistently, guaranteeing delicious results every time. 


  • Easy to scoop straight from the pail to create the number and size of muffins, ring cakes or loaf cakes you need
  • Simple to use, no mixing equipment or special skills required
  • Flexible for baking small batches or different flavors together
  • Our small 9 lb. pail size saves space and reduces waste
  • Pudding Cake Muffin Batter is a flexible muffin base for creating unique varieties by adding your own inclusions or finishes