Ready-to-Sell Waterfall Cakes

Our elegant line of Waterfall cakes is designed to be a cut above ordinary dessert cakes, because they are made with the finest ingredients, like real chocolate curls and Madagascar bourbon vanilla. Their signature finishing touch — an upscale and indulgent pour-over design, described as a chocolaty waterfall — provides an air of elegant sophistication to your cake case. Be among the first to offer these beautiful cakes, sure to be a centerpiece at your customer’s next celebration.



  • Band-style labels show the inside of the cake so that consumers can understand the full value of the cake and justify the higher price point (SRP $15.99)
  • 365 days frozen shelf life and seven days refrigerated shelf life, as well as five days ambient shelf life
  • Also available in a ready-to-finish option so that you can create your own signature design
20160222 NA VanillaBeanWaterfall017-Whole
20160418 NA Frozen Tuxedo_Waterfall-Cilpped