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Seasonal Limited Time Offers enable customers to take advantage of seasonal flavors and products that may normally be outside the scope of their menus and offer consumers the opportunity to try exploratory products. Use Dawn's Seasonal Catalog to help drive inspiration and create unique products for your customers.

2020 Fall & Winter Seasonal Catalog & Inspiration Guide

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"We find limited-time offers work best when they're relevant to the particular season, and also take into account current flavor and dessert trends," says Benjamin Stanley, innovation R&D manager for Baskin-Robbins, part of Dunkin Brands Group.



Fall & Winter Recipes

Mummy Brownies

Aug 4, 2020, 10:58 AM
Sub title :
Bake time unit : min
Chef name : Melissa Trimmer, CEPC
Location : USA
Video link :
Prep time unit : min
Language : en
Is complete : Yes
Is temperature celsius : Yes
Bake time : 0
Temperature : 0
Yield number : 0
Recipe number : 498
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