Our new packaging reveals its secret content as of Summer 2019

It is your business to bake the most delicious products for your customers. It is our business to make this as easy for you as possible. It is your business to choose which of our products match what you need. And it is our business to make your choice as easy as possible. This summer, this translates into an enhanced and simplified portfolio, with a new packaging. The inside, product, with the great ingredients and trusted quality you can rely on from Dawn. It is the outside, the packaging, that tells you more now about what you will find inside. We are sure you will quickly get used to the new packaging as you will be able to distinguish at a glance the different products.

Quickly finding the right product

In order for us to continuously provide you with new products that enable you to serve your customers, we have been adding products to our range all the time. This is what you can expect from us, but we felt the need to reduce complexity in our offering. We want you to easily find the right product. Therefore, the visual designs match our three product pillars:




DAWN: Trusted Quality

Tried and true products that provide consistent quality and performance.




Dawn’s premium, differentiated product line that delivers category-leading quality and performance.



DAWN BALANCE: Better for you

Better-for-you products that don’t sacrifice taste or performance.


Saving you time

Besides the look of the packaging, you will also find clear descriptions of the features of the product: you will recognize the product type (i.e. long life donut mix), the flavour & benefits (i.e. plain & extended freshness), product pillar name (i.e. exceptional). Additional colour coding will make it easy for you to detect the product category (i.e. custard cremes). This consistent and simplified information will save you time navigating in the storage or in the warehouse. The more time you can spend at baking the better, right? That’s exactly what we were thinking when simplifying our packaging lines.

Smile on your face

We are introducing the improved packaging gradually as of Summer 2019 starting by 3,5 kg mixes and custard cremes. As we have a vast offering of products for you, the transition will take until the end of 2020. Good for you to know: there will be no formula changes nor SKU number changes.

Remember, we are here to help your business grow. Now, this should bring a smile on your face.