Banana Split Donuts



Pull donuts from freezer, position on trays and thaw completely (approximately 45 minutes). Place donuts in 350° oven for approximately 1 minute to enhance color. Using a serrated knife, slice unfilled long john donut as shown, without cutting through completely. Pipe a line of Dawn Select™ Banana Creme Pie Filling down the length of the donut. Pipe a rosette of Vanilla VelveTop™ in the center of the donut. Pipe a rosette of Chocolate VelveTop™ on one side of the vanilla. In a bowl, mix Vanilla VelveTop™ Icing with Dawn Select™ Strawberry Filling and Glaze to create a strawberry flavored icing. Pipe a rosette of the strawberry icing on the other side of the Vanilla, completing the trio of flavor. Place 2-3 banana chips on top of the donut. String ice with warmed Spred ‘N Gloss™ Icing. Top with maraschino cherry.
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Banana Split Donuts

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