Cake Sliders

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Raspberry Orange Slider

This first slider has been created from cake made from our Baker’s Request™ Dark Devil’s Food Cake Mix. The cake is cut into circles about 3″ in diameter and then layered with Vanilla VelveTop™ Icing, our Dawn Exceptional® Raspberry Filling and a Blood Orange Sauce made from fresh squeezed blood orange juice, granulated sugar and just a bit of gelatin.

Lemon Lime Slider

This next slider features the classic lemon lime flavor combination. The cake is made from our Baker’s Request™ White Cake Mix, is layered with lime curd and Dawn Select™ Lemon Filling. Vanilla VelveTop™ Icing, slices of lemon and lime and granulated sugar top this vibrant slider.

Blueberry Pomegranate Slider

Made with Baker’s Request™ Devil’s Food Cake Mix, this next slider has been given “Super” status. Dawn® Blueberry Icing Fruit Bits are mixed with Vanilla VelveTop™ Icing to create blueberry flavored non-dairy whipped icing. The cake is topped with Vanilla VelveTop™ and drizzled with heated Dawn® Rich ‘N Glossy Icing, whole blueberries and pomegranate seeds.

Tropical Fruit Slider

Tropical fruits appeal to not only mainstream bakery customers, but also Latino consumers. This slider features the tasty combination of pineapple and mango. The cake is made from Baker’s Request™ White Cake Mix. Our Select™ Mango Filling is mixed with Vanilla VelveTop™ and fresh mango pieces are added for texture. This mango filling is layered between the first two pieces of cake. A layer of Vanilla VelveTop™ and a layer of Dawn Select™ Pineapple Filling and Glaze are then added before layering another piece of cake. Vanilla VelveTop™ and fresh fruit top the slider.

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Chef Tips

Obviously, sliders aren’t just for savory foods anymore. They can be featured in your display case, on your catering menu, as a way of sampling at bridal tastings or even turned into full fledged tortes. Both visually striking and packed with flavor, there are no limits to how creative you can get with these mini creations.
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Cake Sliders

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