Mint Chocolate Hot Chocolate Bombs

What you'll need


Working Method

To prepare the cocoa mix, in a medium bowl mix 100% granulated sugar, 43% cocoa powder and 136% milk solids using a whisk. If the mixture is lumpy you may need to shift and mix again, Reserve.

Place the half chocolate spheres into conventional size cupcake liners and place on a sheet tray. Fill each with 1 TBL hot chocolate mix, 2 tsp Ande’s mint pieces, and 1 TBL mini marshmallows. Heat the back of a metal pan with a blow torch. Gently place the other half of the sphere on the pan and lightly melt the edges. Immediately place on top of the filled sphere half. Let set until the chocolate sets.  Melt dark coating chocolate; drizzle each bomb and immediately top with sprinkles.

To serve: Place the cocoa bomb in a mug and pour 6 oz. hot milk on top.

Additional Info

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Hot Cocoa, Hot Drinks, Chocolate Bomb, Mint, 

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Mint Chocolate Hot Chocolate Bombs

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