Personal Puff Pastry Tarts- Almond Stone Fruit

What you'll need


Working Method

Use a 1:2 ratio custard filling:almond paste. Place desired amounts of custard and almond paste in a stand fitted with the paddle attachment and mix on 2nd speed until no lumps remain. Slice and/or pit stone fruit. Brush puff squares with egg wash. Be careful not to go over the edges. Create a pinwheel: 1..On each square, slice a 2-inch cut from each corner in toward the center; fold every other tip in toward the center (pressing firmly), forming the pinwheel shape. Place a dollop of almond filling into center of pinwheel. Layer stone fruits on top of almond filling. Bake at 400°F until puff is rich golden brown. Glaze with apricot glaze while pastry is still warm.

Additional Info

Chef Tips

To make egg wash, use a ratio of 2:1 whole eggs:water.  For example, for every pound of eggs used, add 8oz water.  Mix together and add a pinch of salt if desired.

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Puff Pastry, Almond, Almond Paste, Custard, Apricot, Glaze, Plum, Cherry, Peach, Nectrarine, Pinwheel 

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Personal Puff Pastry Tarts- Almond Stone Fruit

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