Scratch Tres Leches

For the Cake


Spray 14, 8x8 parchment circles and put into 14, 8x8 round cake pans (do not spray the sides of the pans). 

In a stand mixer fitted with the whip attachment, place the 4 pounds 10oz whole eggs, 0.6oz cream of tartar, and 0.4oz salt.  Whip eggs to break them up, then sprinkle in 3 pounds 10oz granulated sugar.  Whip until eggs are at full volume (this will take some time), please note eggs will whip better at room temperature. 

While eggs are whipping, melt 2 pounds butter and stir in 1.6oz vanilla.  Reserve.   Then sift together 3 pounds 4oz all purpose flour, 1.6oz baking powder. 

Remove egg foam from the mixture and gently fold the sifted flour mixture in 3 batches.  Whisk a little of the egg mixture into the melted butter mixture to temper, then fold into the larger mixture.  Scale cake layers at 14oz each.  Bake at 325F until cakes spring back lightly when touched- this will take some time and cakes will be rich golden brown.  DO NOT PULL CAKES EARLY or they will fall!  Let cool completely, poke holes through the top of the cake and use a knife to remove from the pan.  

For the Milks


Mix together equal parts by weight sweetened condensed milk, evaporated milk, and half & half.  Weigh cake rounds, pour the same weight prepared milk over cake, and let soak in completely.  Reserve in cooler.

To Build the Cakes


Place one soaked cake round on a cake board, and pipe whipped topping around the edge of the round, fill with strawberry filling.   Place the other round on top and crumb coat & ice with whipped topping.  Place white chocolate curls on the sides of the cake.  Decorate with fresh strawberries dipped in glitter glaze and whipped topping.

Additional Info

Chef Tips

No pre-whipped topping available in your area?  Just order in Dawn Exceptional® VelveTop™ Enhanced Stability Vanilla Whipped Icing and Filling Liquid (00492687) and whip up.  Then sub in the same amount for whipped topping in your favorite recipes.

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Scratch Tres Leches

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