Turtle Brownies

What you'll need



Follow directions on the bag to create brownie batter from R&H® Fudgie Brownie Mix. Incorporate chopped pecans into batter before baking. Pour into pans and bake accordingly. Allow to cool. Ice brownies with Rich ‘N Gloss Fudge Icing. Decorate by piping small squiggles of Dawn Select™ Caramel Glossy and Dawn Exceptional® Cream Cheese Icing.

Cute Pecan Turtle Accents

Create “turtle” by putting 6 whole pecans together with Rich ‘N Gloss Fudge Icing on wax paper to make the head, body, and legs shape. Let set. Pipe a “Shell” on the legs with Dawn Select™ Caramel Glossy Icing. Once cooled, Decorate your “shell” with Rich ‘N Gloss Fudge Icing and pipe on two little eyes.
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Turtle Brownies

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