Waffle Cone Dessert Taco

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Prepare Dawn Waffle Cone mix per bag instructions. Heat waffle cone maker, spray the maker slightly to prevent sticking, and place one small scoop of batter in center of maker. Following the waffle iron instructions, cook for 2-2 ½ minutes until golden brown. Using a mini offset spatula, gently remove the cooked waffle off the iron and immediately place into a taco holder to set the shape.


Deposit more batter in center of waffle iron and cook until golden brown. Remove the cooked waffle from iron and place immediately into the holder. Press the bottom of the waffle to secure the taco


Place 1 pound Bavarian filling into mixing bowl, zest lemon directly over the filling with micro-grater. Slice lemon in half and juice ½ the lemon. Discard the juiced lemon half. Mix into the filling completely. Prepare the fruit salsa by cutting all fruits into a small dice; washing/ capping strawberries and slicing into a small dice. Pull large leaves from mint stems and place each leaf atop each other, roll from one end to another; and using the knife, slice the bolus of mint in the direction it was rolled, creating long strings of chiffonade mint. Add chiffonade mint to fruit and mix well.


Place lemon Bavarian filling into a disposable piping bag, cut the tip of bag using the knife, and fill the waffle cone shells to a desired amount. Using a small spoon, place several heaping spoonfuls of salsa on top of the filling. Repeat until all shells are complete and serve!
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Waffle Cone Dessert Taco

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