Christmas Mini Bundt Cakes

With so many gatherings this time of year, from office holiday parties to family gatherings, your customers are looking for that perfect, festive treat that everyone will love. What can you suggest to your customers that rings in the holidays but can please even the pickiest of guests?

Try these fun and delicious Christmas mini bundt cakes! Not only are these eye-catching desserts delicious but they come in all types that are sure to appease anyone, from an elegant mini bundt cakes covered in ganache and topped with decorative chocolate to the fun, icing-covered bundt decked with colorful holiday candies.

Are you customers looking for a treat with an elegant touch? Try decorating a chocolate or vanilla bundt with rich, chocolate ganache, non-dairy whipped topping, and delicious chocolate curls or candies.

Or are your customers looking for that fun, “Christmas-y” dessert that will appease the inner-kid in everyone? Drizzle with cake icing and either go for the Christmas wreath look or the Candy Cane toppings.

christmas mini bundt cakes 2

Of course, it’s also fun to take things up a notch! You can also add several large and colorful candy canes into your design, have the bundt cakes serve as a dual candle holder and dessert, or make Christmas winter hat desserts.

Regardless of what your customers choose, Christmas mini bundt cakes are a great fit to any holiday gathering!

christmas mini bundt cakes 3