Creative Desserts for Mother's and Father's Day

Mother’s Day (May 11) and Father’s Day (June 15) are great opportunities to bust out your decorating chops. But do you have a difficult time finding inspiration around preparing for Mother’s day or Father’s Day? These great ideas will are sure to stir your creative juices!

Looking for something simple? Start with round or heart-shaped cookies frosted with sentiments that express the gifts our parents have given us: “Beauty,” “Strength,” “Love,” “Laughter”. For customers who might go for a more whimsical tone, you might use “You Rock,” “Fab Dad” or “Mighty Mom”. The cookies themselves could be cut into the letters M-O-M or D-A-D. Colors can range from sweet lilacs and mints to bold reds and blacks.

We did the research for you! Last year the most popular Mother’s Day gifts were tech devices. Dads love their gadgets too, of course, so cookies decorated to look like smartphones or tablets have a built-in appeal for moms and dads both. Or apply icing to simulate men’s shirts with ties or women’s hats, lined up in a colorful array.

Phone Cookie

Going Beyond Cookies. You can whip up confections that incorporate flavors from some of Mom and Dad’s favorite adult beverages. For example, ginger cake or ginger cupcakes can evoke the ginger beer in a Dark and Stormy. And stout beer makes irresistible chocolate stout cake or beer biscuits infused with lemon and sriracha. Line some stout cupcakes with pretzel crust, and Dad will be looking for a football game on TV. For a final touch, crumble some bacon on top.

 A Classic Touch. Bouquets are the classic Mother’s Day gift, but they’re not just for florists; create your own with decorated cupcakes or cake pops arranged in brightly painted flowerpots. Tip: We used a foam ball studded with toothpicks to secure cupcake bouquets in the photo you see here.

Creative Desserts for Mother's and Father's Day

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