Dawn Launches New Aftershine Egg Free Glaze

Jul 5, 2021, 10:14 AM by Rhian Hawkings

Dawn Foods has expanded its range of Egg Free Glazes with the introduction of Aftershine; a new, economical 'just add water' powder for a post-bake glaze.

Aftershine, a versatile and less messy alternative to liquid egg glaze, is simply mixed with tap/cold water and then used after baking on hot products straight out of the oven to give a professional golden finish to patisserie, bread, buns and brioche. Different levels of glaze intensity can be created by varying the recipe. Aftershine is suitable for both vegans and vegetarians, so it gives the possibility to cater to a wide variety of consumer diets.

Dawn Foods’ Egg Free Glazes are suitable for most bakery applications, meaning reduced costs, minimal bacterial contamination, and no lingering egg aroma. Dawn Egg Free Glazes do not contain palm oil, but are made with vegetable oil. They also do not contain preservatives and are vegetarian or vegan suitable.

Other products in the range include ready to use (vegetarian suitable), liquid Emulshine Extra, which is available in a regular and sugar free version. Use it for glazing before and after proofing, and it is freeze and bake stable; ideal for more demanding applications such as savoury frozen bake off, bread rolls and buns.

Unishine Plus, also ready to use and vegan suitable, is ideal for general use before or after baking, while vegetarian Instashine, available as a 'just add water' powder is applied before baking.