Ancient Grains and Superfruits in Dawn's New Super Bakery Range

Oct 1, 2021, 06:26 AM by User Not Found

Dawn Foods has unveiled its new Super Bakery range featuring an all-natural flavour Ancient Grain Multipurpose Mix and a Superfruit Filling, designed to appeal to consumers’ preference for ‘better for you’ sweet bakery products and to tap into the current trends for grains, seeds and rustic flours.

With quinoa, buckwheat and spelt, Dawn’s new multipurpose Ancient Grains Mix, placed under the Dawn Balance portfolio, is easy to use and can make a variety of sweet bakery products, including muffins, loaf cakes, cookies, and cake bars – even waffles and shortcrust pastry.

With 30% less sugar than Dawn’s standard crème cake mix, the Ancient Grains Mix is ideal for consumers looking for natural and healthier bakery products that are full of texture and flavour. Dawn’s new sweet bakery mix does not contain nuts, is made with rapeseed oil, does not have added colours or preservatives, and is also Halal-suitable.

Having the ability to make a whole host of different products from one mix, means bakers do not have to buy or store additional ingredients or specialist flours making stock management and storage much easier and cost-effective.

Also part of Dawn’s Super Bakery range, and the ideal complement to the Ancient Grains Multipurpose Mix, is the company’s new Delifruit Classic Superfruit Filling, organised under the Dawn Exceptional product pillar. Containing 70% real fruit, with only natural flavours and no additional colours. The new, ready-to-use straight from the pail, filling is a delicious combination of five fruits – redcurrants, cherries, blueberries, cranberries and pomegranates. The Delifruit Classic Superfruit blend can be used to fill donuts, decorate pastry or fine patisserie, layer and top sponges or inject into muffins to give a flavoursome finish.

Dawn has devised a range of inspirational recipes using both the Ancient Grains Mix and the Delifruit Classic Superfruit Fillings available here.

Jacqui Passmore, Marketing Manager for Dawn Foods UK and Ireland said:

“While today’s consumer is looking for a sweet bakery treat, they are also mindful of their health and are increasingly choosing products with healthier, natural ingredients. There’s been a big focus recently on ancient grains across snacking, bakery and cereal categories and this is now moving into sweet treats too. Dawn’s new Super Bakery range gives bakers the tools to create some fantastic, great tasting and innovative new sweet bakery products that are exactly right in both look and quality for today’s health-focused consumer.”