NEW Dawn Mini Donuts for Treating, Snacking and Sharing

Oct 7, 2021, 10:02 AM by User Not Found

Dawn Foods is capitalising on the growth of individual treating and the trend for premium donuts with the launch of frozen mini donuts, that are ready to finish and decorate.

Supplied in cases of 100, the mini donuts can be thawed and then finished and decorated with Dawn Icings or Frostings and Dobla Chocolate Decorations. Create a range with popular flavours like chocolate, caramel and vanilla, or give them a fruity finish with a swirl of frosting and some fresh fruit pieces.

The Mini Donuts can also be finished with a dip of icing and then loaded with sprinkles, nuts, fruits and chocolate decorations. Decorated donuts have instant pick-me-up appeal and are ideal for snacking and sharing.

These versatile donuts also make a convenient dessert component, such as served warm with ice-cream and fudge sauce or with chocolate pots for dipping. Dawn’s Mini Donuts are great for children’s menus or for dessert sharing plates.

Jacqui Passmore Marketing Manager UK and Ireland at Dawn Foods comments:

“The humble donut has become a ‘canvas for innovation’ and, as a result, we’re seeing a real donut renaissance. The donut, with brightly coloured icings and interesting toppings, has become instagrammable and very trendy. Dawn’s mini frozen donuts mean bakers and foodservice operators can now capitalise on this profitable sweet bakery category – the only real limit is imagination!”