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Our approach to social responsibility is centered on progress and aligns to the commitments to our people, our products and our customers.



Make a better planet for people and communities around the world

As a global community, we are all connected as people. Dawn is committed to supporting the health, safety, wellbeing, and education of our Team Members, the baking industry, and the communities in which we operate. We put people at the top of everything we do and value diverse perspectives, equality, and inclusion for all.




Enrich communities by actively supporting with funds & products and encouraging our Team Members to actively engage and volunteer in their communities.


Supporting the future of bakers and the bakery profession with bakery trainings and collaborating with schools and academies.


Supporting the health, safety and wellbeing of our Team Members and offering continuous development opportunities for all.

Examples of programs in action

Corporate Giving

Since the launch in 2020, we have donated € 500K worth of products, across our region.

In 2022, we donated a total of € 100K to support the Ukrainian refugees

The Future of Bakers

We have a student ambassador program with the University College Birmingham in the UK.

10 students since start in 2017.

10 former student offered a job as Jr. Product Developer.

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Operate responsibly with products that delight

From our comprehensive standards for product and packaging development, to our manufacturing and distribution practices, and commitment to high quality ingredients, we focus on the wellbeing of our customers, their consumers, and the environment.




Implementation of 100% recyclable or re-usable and non-single use plastics packaging solutions by 2025.


Increase the range of Better-for-You products, by offering new and reformulated solutions to drive new nutritional standards.


Reduction of carbon footprint in our plants through optimized management of energy, water and waste.

Examples of programs in action

Offer responsible product solutions

We believe in offering choice. Our Dawn Balance-range is offering Better-For-You products that don’t sacrifice on taste or performance.

27 of Dawn Balance skus

5.5% (Net Sales) of Dawn Balance in total portfolio

Reducing carbon footprint

We changed cleaning methods and waterflows, which resulted in a reduction of 65% in cleaning water in our Steenbergen plant (NL)

Our Palmela-plant (PT) is our first plant that operates 100% energy neutral

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Develop positive partnerships that make an impact

We work to create a more sustainable and better shared future with partners committed to doing business the right way for our customers and the industry. Our partnerships are focused on responsible sourcing, sustainable efforts, regulatory principles, and stewardship of natural resources.




Drive ethical, sustainable and responsible behaviour in our organization and the supply chain.


Create supply chain transparency by increasing SEDEX registration for Dawn plants.


Extending responsible sourcing initiatives and assurance of key ingredients by 2025.


Maximize impact by intensifying partnerships with suppliers, customers & NGOs to advance sustainable developments and innovation in our supply chains, products and packaging.

Examples of programs in action

Sourcing ingredients responsibly

We work with certification programs and organizations to source our ingredients responsibly.

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Partnerships to maximize impact


We are an active member of Fedima

For our sustainable packaging development and recycling we partner with Wageningen University (NL), Renewi, and our packaging suppliers to investigate the most sustainable solutions for our packaging.

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