Autumn & Winter moments

100 Christmases and New Years’ with Dawn - millions of smiles around the world, year after year. We give bakers the opportunity to make the best of each season.

Whether it's Christmas, Halloween, Back to School or Bonfire Night, Dawn brings you the ingredients to make these celebrations delicious! 


All autumn & winter festivities

Back to School

Time for the kids to go back to school! During this exciting, but daunting time, give them something tasty to look forward to at the end of the day and capture their imaginations with these themed chocolate mousses:


Trick or treat! We developed an exciting campaign for bakers a few years ago with themed products and ingredients, POS materials, recipe ideas and more! Join us and be inspired to attract more customers during the scariest period of the year!

Bonfire Night

Remember remember the 5th of November! Encourage your customers to celebrate Guy Fawkes night over an open fire with toasted marshmallows and, of course, these delicious S'mores Cupcakes:


At Christmas, Dawn helps bakers make the best gift of all; delicious, traditional and indulgent sweet bakes that can be enjoyed by everyone. We have a host of creative recipes from all around Europe to celebrate this special time of year in the most magical way: 

New year’s eve

Everyone celebrates the end of an era and the start of a new year, especially with champagne and sweet treats! From luxury cakes to magical sparkling desserts, our products and ingredients can help you create the perfect party centre piece for your customers:

Boxing day

Boxing day originated when the rich used to 'box' up gifts and give to the poor. Nowadays, Christmas may be over but the food indulgence continues with family and friends on 26 December with plenty of leftovers, both savoury and sweet:


Autumn/Winter flavours

In the colder seasons, bakers are swapping the colourful fruitiness in their products with richer and warmer flavours like gingerbread, cinnamon and toasted nuts. Get cosy and wrap up warm with desserts that incorporate plenty of chocolate and caramel deliciousness: