Make this halloween extra spooky


Dawn Foods has a history of more than 100 years of working with bakers to create life’s sweet moments for people around the world. 
Our American heritage means Halloween is always earmarked in our calendars – and it should be a key date in yours too. Growing year on year in Europe, it pays for bakers to adapt their offering for this spooky seasonal event. We’re here to help with easy-to-execute strategies and quick wins for maximising this popular time of year in your bakery.





Find inspirational recipes that will make you want to bring your bakery products to life for Halloween! Dawn ingredients are perfectly suited to help you create terrifying and tasty treats for the occasion, in a few easy steps, without needing to reinvent the wheel.



Having a seasonal strategy is key in sweet bakery to keep your customers on their toes and returning to your outlets for more sweet treats. Read the full article below to find ideas to get you started so you can (trick or) treat them to some spook-tastic delights.




Enter our spooky
now and be in to win!


Discover OUR DAWN halloween products

We offer a wide range of ingredients, perfectly suited to help you make the most of the Halloween occasion. 
Among them, our Pumpkin Filling is always a winner at this time of year, with its comforting, warm and spicy flavour. Our Dawn ready-to-use Dip Quik Icing, paired with our flavoured Compounds, will add exciting colours to your treats as well. For full convenience, check out our ready-to-serve Halloween products too.


Halloween Frozen Range

Discover our frozen Halloween range of products to delight your customers; a duo-filled blackcurrant & orange donut, a blood orange and chocolate muffin, and a blood orange cookie with white chocolate & cranberries.


Dip Quik Icing

With Dawn, you can easily create edible monsters for your outlets. Thaw some donuts, colour our Dip Quik Icing and let the Halloween spirit take over! Mini ghosts, pumpkin faces or spooky mummies… make Halloween come alive.

Bring your halloween characters to life

Halloween is, of course, a family occasion – costumes, pumpkin carving and sweet treats galore. Tap into this family fun and appeal to younger ones by transforming your offering with endearingly spooky characters.

Our Darkly Donut is as scary as it is delicious! For little ones that prefer to munch on a monster, we’ve got Franky Cookie. Or catch the eyes of witch and wizard wannabes with Penny Muffin.

They’re all super easy to create. See the how-to videos below to take you through how to make these wonderful creations.


Penny muffin

Franky Cookie

Darkly Donut