Spring & Summer moments

Dawn Foods helps you to bring joy to your customers, sharing exciting recipes that can transform a customers’ birthday, wedding or party into a memorable, celebratory, edible occasion!

We’ll give you advice on how to maximise fruit seasonality, playing with colours and flavours during this season.


All spring & summer festivities

Valentine’s day

Dawn celebrates romance! Each year we are a part of the bakers’ journey to give their customers the perfect Valentine’s Day treat for their loved ones. This year we created a special Watercolour Cake recipe using our Creme Cake Base and Frostings. Take a look here:


Birthdays are moments celebrated by families old and young. As Dawn celebrates 100yrs of being an ingredient supplier to bakeries around the world, we look at recipe & decoration ideas to make each birthday cake a memory in family albums! See one of our creations here: 


Unique moments need special bakes! Dawn Foods helps bakers around the world to be a part of their customer's happiness. Discover our full range of ingredients and products that will make your customer’s wedding cake simply the best! Pink champagne at the ready:


This chocolate extravaganza is an opportunity for you to increase sales through creative recipes. Dawn provides unique products which give bakers the ability to differentiate in the market. Check out our Easter recipes to make the most of this celebration: 

Mother's day

Mother's Day is a celebration honouring all mums, everywhere. This is a great opportunity to transform your bakery adding special recipes and offers to boost your sales. Dawn can help you tweak a simple bake into a celebration for Mother’s day: 

Sports events

This summer, use your imagination to tap into sporting events that gather people together to watch and support their country or teams. Euro 2020, 6 Nations Rugby, Olympics…we’ll help you decorate your sweet treats for these events, or even invent some new ideas for serving:


Fruity Explosion!

Dawn offers a multitude of fruit flavours and recipes that can boost any bakery's creativity, with extra fruit and vibrant colours. The perfect way to satisfy customers who want a natural taste of fruitiness. Celebrate with us the fruit burst of summer!