As part of our Creating New Traditions campaign we have a fantastic opportunity for 1 lucky baker/chef to win £1000 (*retail value) worth of Invicta metal bakeware and/or plastic products.  

For the best results you need the best equipment, so to make the creation of our innovative recipes even easier, we've teamed up with Invicta to bring you the chance to WIN baking and storage equipment of your choice, up to the retail value of £1000 for you bakery/business.

Invicta – first choice for your baking products

Invicta Bakeware Ltd has been manufacturing for all sectors of the bakery, catering and food processing industries for over a century and the company has a strong reputation for superior quality products, reliable deliveries and outstanding customer care.

Amongst its best-selling lines are the high-performance racks, tables, baking trays, cup trays, bread pans and tins, which can be found in vast numbers of bakeries across the UK, from individual craft bakers to large-scale operations.

The innovative plastic products offered by sister company Food Industry Supplies complement the popular metal ware range. Produced in different colours for effective food segregation, these strong and durable products include containers, sieves, bowls and ingredient dispensers, to name but a few of the hundreds of lines available.

Many bakers are looking beyond off-the-shelf equipment and this is where Invicta’s bespoke service really comes into its own. Expert engineers and sales staff work closely with every customer to design product solutions that exactly match their needs. And if its general advice that is required, then the company’s long-standing knowledge of the food industry and manufacturing capabilities make it a good place to start.

Call 01751 473483 for a free, no obligation consultation or visit or



The Competition has now Closed.


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