simplified. enhanced. all for customers.

As part of Dawn’s ongoing commitment to provide our customers with the products, insights and strategies to grow the bakery business, we are excited to share how we are revitalizing our product portfolio with you in mind.


revitaliSed product portfolio

At the heart of our revitalised portfolio are our products—better defined and better organised so our customers can find them more easily and use with greater confidence. There are also benefits for each and every team member at Dawn that will impact how we work and the success we will achieve.




DAWN: Trusted Quality

Tried and tested products that provide consistent quality and performance.





Dawn’s premium, differentiated product line that delivers category-leading quality and performance.




DAWN BALANCE: Better for you

Better-for-you products that don’t sacrifice taste or performance.




Benefits for you

1. New portfolio organisation

  • Easier to find the right products to grow your business
  • Easier to make connections across categories with colour coding


2. Improved packaging

  • Easier to navigate products in your storage or warehouse
  • Easier to find product information on the new packaging


Simplify your operations, grow your bottom line!

Benefits for Sales

1. New portfolio organisation

  • Easier to understand and explain Dawn's product offer
  • Easier to find the right products for your customers' needs
  • Easier to read the descriptions in systems, on invoices etc.


2. Improved Dawn sales and
product tools and training


Grow your sales and commissions!


DAWN's revitaliSed
product portfolio

DAWN - Trusted quality

DAWN EXCEPTIONAL - Our very best

DAWN BALANCE- Better for you

In order to meet your needs and help to grow your business we will:

  • Reduce complexity through our streamlined product portfolio & packaging
  • Save you time and make it easier to find the right products
  • Provide simplified and consistent information about our products



Simplified. Enhanced. All for you.


Our new look
at a glance


Each product pillar has updated packaging, making our products more identifiable and easy to understand and navigate.

Whilst the look is different, the quality and consistency of our products are the same you’ve trusted for generations.






What is not changing*:

  • No formula changes
  • No SKU number changes
  • No price increase due to packaging changes
* As a general principle, in some cases the changes will be needed to improve portfolio














  • Gradual transition: product category by category – not all at once.
  • Transition starts Summer 2019