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Chocolate Orange Halloween Bomb

You Will Need:


  • Mix around the Dawn® Scoop & Bake batter with a spatula or spoon, to begin.
  • Scoop the Dawn® Scoop & Bake Milk Choc & Orange batter into large rubber pudding moulds. (100g domes used here).
  • Bake at 175°C (in a deck oven) for approx. 25 -30 mins (top heat 4 bottom heat 2).
  • Once cool, release the cake with ease from the moulds.

Tip: these can now be frozen and defrosted for later finishing & servings to manage stock

Finish by flooding with Dawn® Chocolate Fudge Icing and a Chocolate Decoration for Halloween.

Create fun and eye catching treats for a Halloween – these will draw attention to any display window, all you need to do now is get ready to sell!