Chocolate Strawberry Gateau

Chocolate Strawberry Gateau


  • DAWN® Dark Devils Genoese Cake Base 1200g
  • Water (1) 500g
  • Vegetable Oil 130g
  • Water (2) 240g
  • DAWN® Strawberry Frosting
  • DAWN® Glacage Chocolate Glaze 
  • DOBLA® Chocolate Curls Plain



Add the DAWN® Dark Devils Genoese Cake Base, water (1) and vegetable oil to a mixing bowl fitted with a beater and mix for 1 minute on slow and then 4 minutes on medium speed.
Add the water (2) over 1 minute while mixing on slow speed – scrape down the bowl and then mix for a further 1 minute on slow.
Deposit at 1000g into prepared 4” deep, 8” round cake tins. Bake at 170°C for approximately 60-70 minutes.
On removal from the oven, invert the tins onto a tray lined with clean silicone paper (this will aid in achieving a flat top).
Allow to cool for an hour then remove from the tins, and cool thoroughly (best overnight). Then cut into 3 layers.


Place the base layer onto a cake board and then sandwich together the remaining pieces with a ½ inch (1.5cm) layer of DAWN® Strawberry Frosting.
Finish the sides and top with a layer of more DAWN® Strawberry Frosting, making sure to get a flat, even top.
Decorate the sides by coating in DOBLA® Chocolate Curls Plain (to half way up).
Place in the chiller and allow to cool for an hour.
Heat the DAWN® Glacage Chocolate Glaze and place into a piping bag. Pipe the Glacage around the top edge of the cooled cake allowing the occasional run down the side, then pipe the Glacage to fill the top and level with a palette knife.
Dip whole strawberries half way into melted dark chocolate and allow to set. Once the Glacage is set, pipe swirls of DAWN® Strawberry Frosting around the top and decorate with the chocolate strawberries.