Christmas Cake Bites

Christmas Cake Bites


  • Sultanas 900g
  • Raisins 400g
  • Cherries 800g
  • Mixed Peel 200g
  • Chopped Apricots 300g
  • Dried Cranberries 200g
  • Odense® 30/70 Marzipan
  • Apricot Jam
  • White Sugar Paste



Place all of the fruit blend ingredients into a large bowl and soak in warm water for 30 minutes, then drain well.

Add all of the cake batter ingredients to a mixing bowl fitted with a beater and mix for 1 minute on slow speed, then 3 minutes on medium speed.

Add the drained fruit to the cake batter and mix on slow speed until thoroughly combined.

Deposit all of the mixture into a deep 18” x 30” lined baking tray.

Bake in a deck oven at 175°C for 60-70 minutes.

When baked and cooled, coat the top with apricot jam.

Sheet out the Odense® 30/70 Marzipan to 5mm and top the cake.

Sheet out white sugar paste to 5mm and lay it on top of the marzipan.

Finally, cut into desired sizes and decorate as required.


MAKES: 135 bites @ 50mm x 50mm