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Kiwi and Vanilla Surprise

Kiwi and Vanilla Surprise


Kiwi Vanilla Cake Discs:
  • 1 x DAWN® Vanilla Cake Disc
  • DAWN® Vanilla Frosting 50-60g
  • DAWN® Decorgel Kiwi or DAWN® Topping Sauce Kiwi


Defrost a DAWN® Vanilla Disc and remove the paper cup.

Pipe swirls of DAWN® Vanilla Frosting on top of the cake disc.

Finish with DAWN® Topping Sauce Kiwi or DAWN® Decorgel Kiwi.

Decorate as desired, for example, with a golden physalis berry and/or chopped pieces of fresh kiwi fruit.


MAKES: 1x Kiwi & Vanilla Surprise