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Mini Fruity Bites 

Mini Fruity Bites


For 1 Tray 60 x 20/ 48 cubes


1. Crème Cake batter

1900 g Total

2. Cheesecake Filling

1230g Total

Fruit Filling

1150 g Total


1. Crème Cake Batter

  • Mix all ingredients with a flat beater for 1 minute on slow speed and 3-4 minutes on medium.

2. Cheesecake Filling

  • Mix all ingredients with a whisk for 1 minute on slow speed let rest for 1 minute and mix 2-3 minutes on medium speed.

3. Fruit Filling


  • Fill the Creme Cake batter into paper lined Baking Tray 60x20x5cm.
  • Pipe the Cheesecake Filling in diagonal lines.
  • Bake at 180°C in a deck oven 150°C fan oven for 30-35 minutes.
  • Cool down, turn out and take the baking paper off. Place back in the tray.
  • Place back into the tray.
  • Spread stabilized Delifruit on top and let set.
  • Glaze with Dawn Belnap Neutral Fruit Glaze before serving.
  • Cut into 5x5 cm cubes.
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