Naked Christmas Cakes

Naked Christmas Cakes


Cake Mix
  • DAWN® Crème Cake Base - Plain 1000g
  • Mixed Spice 8g
  • Whole Egg 350g
  • Vegetable Oil 300g
  • Water 225g
  • Black Treacle 100g
  • Sultanas 230g
  • Currants 130g
  • Glace Cherry Halves 100g
  • Mixed Peel 35g
  • Odense 30/70 Marzipan
  • DAWN® Fondant Sublime
  • DOBLA® Chocolate Christmas Decorations


Soak the sultanas and currants in warm water for 20-30 minutes and then drain well.

Wash the cherries in cold water to remove any excess syrup and drain well.

Add all the cake mix ingredients to a mixing bowl fitted with a beater and mix on slow speed for 1 minute and then medium speed for 3 minutes.

Add all of the inclusions and blend in on slow speed until fully incorporated.

Deposit 120-125g into greased individual pudding moulds.

Bake in a deck oven at 170°C for 25-30 minutes.

On removal from the oven, invert the moulds to help create a flat base.

Once totally cool, cut each one in half.

Roll out the Odense 30/70 marzipan to 1cm thick and cut out disks to fit in the middle of the cakes.

Spread boiled apricot jam onto the cuts and then sandwich together with a marzipan disk.

Mix some DAWN® Fondant Sublime straight from the pail until it softens and place it into a piping bag.

Pipe onto the top of the cakes and decorate with DOBLA® Chocolate Christmas Decorations of your choice.


MAKES: Approximately 20 portions at 120g