Noel Yule Log

Noel Yule Log


Swiss Roll
  • 2000g DAWN® Supersponge Mix
  • 1080g Water
  • DAWN® Chocolate Frosting 1000g
  • DAWN® Delicream San Felipe Chocolate 500g
  • DAWN® Dark Forrest Shavings
  • DAWN® San Felipe Plain Belgian Couverture


Add the Swiss Roll ingredients to a mixing bowl fitted with a whisk and mix on slow speed for 1 minute and then medium speed for 5 minutes.

Deposit 900-1000g onto a clean greased or lined 18” x 30” baking sheet.

Bake in a deck oven at 230°C for approximately 5 minutes.

Once removed from the oven, tip onto a well sugared silicon sheet and allow to cool.

Remove the backing paper (if used) spread with DAWN® Chocolate Frosting and then roll up.

Heat the DAWN® Delicream San Felipe Chocolate to a pouring consistency, enrobe the Swiss Roll.

Melt DAWN® San Felipe Plain Belgian Couverture and spread on a baking paper lined tray. Allow to cool thoroughly and then break up to create chocolate shards. Use the chocolate shards to stick them to the cooled chocolate coating of the roll to create 'bark' effect.

Or you can  top with DOBLA® Dark Forrest Shavings.

Place into the chiller or freezer and allow to set firm.

Trim the ends and cut into 3 (depending on required finished size).

Cut ¼ of each Swiss Roll off at a 45° angle and place it on the side of the main piece. Disguise any gaps with more DAWN® Delicream San Felipe Chocolate.

Finish with a dusting of icing sugar.



MAKES: Approximately 6 Yule Logs