Smith Island Layer Cake

Smith Island Layer Cake


For 1 24cm Cake

1200g (2 x 600g)  Layer Cake batter

DAWN Chocolate Frosting

Dobla Chocolate Decorations



Layer Cake batter

1000g DAWN Layer Cake Mix - Vanilla

660g   Water

120g   Vegetable Oil

           Green Food Colouring

1780g  Total


Yield: approx. 8-10 servings





Layer Cake Batter
Mix all ingredients with a flat beater for 1 minute on low speed. Mix for a further 3-5 minutes on a medium speed. Then finally, mix for 1 minute on a low speed. Fill the layer cake batter into ring forms, 2 x 600g - 26 x 5 cm.  

Bake temperature - Deck Oven: 175c-180c /Rack Oven: 155c - 160c.

Bake time: approx. 40-45 minutes.



After cooling, cut layers to make a cake with 8-10 thin layers. Spread each layer thinly with DAWN Chocolate Frosting, sandwich all togther and then cover the cake with the remaining frosting.

Decorate with DOBLA Chocolate decorations.