Spider donuts

Spider Donuts


45 pcs DAWN® Plain Ring Donuts
1000g Orange Icing (Approx)
1800g Chocolate - Biscuit Dough
Chocolate Coating Drops
DAWN® Chocolate Frosting
Spider Eyes



1. Orange Icing
1000g DAWN® Glossy Icing - Vanilla
Orange Food Colour (As Needed)
2. Chocolate - Biscuit Dough
1000g Biscuit Crumbs
800g DAWN® Chocolate Frosting (Approx)
1800g Total
3. Spider Eyes
DAWN® Fondant Sublime
DAWN® Glossy Icing - Chocolate

Yield: 45 donuts


1. Orange Icing
Mix DAWN® Glossy Icing - Vanilla with orange food colouring until you reach the desired colour.

2. Chocolate - Biscuit Dough
Mix all ingredients together until you have a homogenous dough.

3. Spider Eyes
Pipe with a small round nozzle DAWN® Fondant Sublime dollops on baking paper. Use the DAWN® Glossy Icing - Chocolate to pipe a small dot in the middle of each white dollop to look like eyes.
Tip: Leave the eyes to dry overnight for best results.


  • Warm the Orange Icing to 45°C and cover the DAWN® Plain Ring Donuts.
  • For the spider legs, warm DAWN® Glossy Icing - Chocolate to 45°C and pipe four thin strip on each side of the donut to look like legs.
  • Shape the Chocolate - Biscuit Dough into 40g spheres and then refrigerate them.
  • Once firm, cover the spheres with the melted chocolate coating and leave on baking paper to set.
  • Put the spheres on the donuts and decorate with the prepared spider eyes, securing them with a bit of melted chocolate or icing.