Spooky Graveyard

Halloween Pumpkin Cupcake


1 Sheet Cake
4 Gravestone Sable Biscuits
Fondant Pumpkins
Fondant Skeleton


1. Cake

1 DAWN® Brownie Sheet Cake
1¼ tub DAWN® Toffee Frosting
125g Oreo Biscuits (crushed)
260g Mint Matchmakers


2. Gravestone Sable Biscuits
125g Plain Flour
100g Unsalted Butter
50g Icing Sugar
½ Vanilla Pod
Egg Yolk
Edible Food Pens - Black and Red


3. Fondant Pumpkins
38g Orange Fondant
13g Green Fondant

4. Fondant Skeleton
30g White Fondant
Edible Food Pen - Black


Yield: 1 Sheet Cake



1. Cake

Cut the DAWN® Brownie Sheet Cake into two layers. Fill with a generous amount of DAWN® Toffee Frosting to sandwich the two pieces together.


2. Gravestone Sable Biscuits

Cream together butter and icing sugar until light and fluffy. Slowly add the egg yolks.
Once mixed together, add the vanilla seeds and flour. Knead into a dough.
Allow the dough to rest in the fridge for 30 minutes. When the dough is ready to use, roll to about a 1mm thick. Using a knife, carefully cut the shape of gravestone heads.
Place on a lined tray and bake at 170 degrees for 9 minutes. (Oven temperature and cooking times may vary).
Once your biscuits are almost cooled, using a black edible pen, gently write ‘RIP’. Then using a red edible pen drawn lines on your gravestones, to resemble blood smears.


3. Fondant Pumpkins

Firstly, roll out your orange fondant, then using your nozzle cut out a big circle. You will need 24 in total. Put two of these circles together and roll in between your hands to create a ball.
(To remove any creases, use a little pressure whilst rolling).
Make each ball slightly flat by pressing down on the top with your finger. Using the small end of a vein tool, starting at the top, draw lines down the ball. Once you are happy with the veining; use the small end of a ball tool to create a hole, at the top, for the green stalk to sit in.
Roll out the green fondant and using a rolling cutter, cut thin strips of fondant. Wrap around a cocktail stick three times to make a coil.
Turn the cocktail stick upside down and slide onto your pumpkin. To attach, press the bottom of the stem into the hole. Adjust where needed.


4. Fondant Skeleton

To create the skeleton, roll the fondant into 9 little balls.
One of the balls will be used for the skeleton’s head. Using a black edible pen draw eyes, a nose and a mouth. The other 8 balls need to be rolled into long sausage shapes.
To build the skeleton, place the head onto the cake, then place one of the long-shaped fondant pieces, under the head, to resemble the body.
Off this attach the arms and the legs. The last remaining pieces will be used to create the ribs, which need to go across the middle section of the body.
Adjust the pieces until you are happy with the skeleton.



Cover the edges and top of the cake with more DAWN® Toffee Frosting. Once fully covered, measure the matchmakers to the correct height. Attach each matchmaker to the cake; to create
the fence for your graveyard.
Using the crushed Oreo biscuits; sprinkle over the top of the cake to resemble soil.
The cake is now ready to decorate, with gravestone biscuits, pumpkins and a skeleton.
To attach the biscuits, cut holes in the cake and gently insert them in.
Place fondant pumpkins around the graveyard.