Trifle Bar


  • DAWN® Golden Genoese Cake Base 1000g
  • Water 575g
  • Vegetable Oil 100g
  • DAWN® Delifruit Classic Strawberry Fruit Filling 500g
  • DAWN® Sanatine Powder 25g
  • Boiling Water 50g
  • DAWN® SuCrem Nova Plus 140g
  • Cold Water 360g
  • DAWN® Neutral Fond 100g
  • Warm Water (minimum 22°C) 100g
  • Lightly Whipped Cream 500g
  • DAWN® Shortcrust Pastry Mix 1000g
  • Soft Butter 400g
  • Whole Egg 100g
  • Coloured Sprinkles / Hundreds & Thousands


Add all sponge ingredients to a bowl fitted with a whisk and whisk for 1 minute on slow speed and then 3 minutes on fast speed. Spread 1000g of the sponge mix onto a lined 18” x 30” baking tray and bake for approximately 5 minutes at 240°C.

For the fruit filling add the boiling water to the Sanatine Powder, mix thoroughly and then mix into the Delifruit Classic Strawberry.

For the custard filling add the SuCrem Nova Plus and the water to a bowl fitted with a whisk and mix for 1 minute on slow speed and then 3-4 minutes on fast speed. Cut two strips out of the sponge sheet to line a 540mm x 80mm bar frame. Place one strip onto the base of the frame and layer it with the fruit filling, then leave to set in the fridge. Place the other sponge strip into another 540mm x 80mm bar frame and top this with the custard filling. Place this into the fridge for 30 minutes to allow it to set.

For the cream filling dissolve the Neutral Fond powder into the warm water and then fold into the lightly whipped cream. Remove the custard topped sponge from the fridge and top it with the cream filling and coloured sprinkles. Place this into the freezer and allow to set (minimum 3 hours).

Once set, remove from the frame and place on top of the previously prepared fruit filling layer. Place into the fridge and cut into portions (approx. 12) once defrosted. As an option you can place the whole Trifle Bar onto a shortcrust pastry base for added texture and support. To make this mix the 3 ingredients together to form a paste, pin out and cut to the desired size then bake at 190°C for 12-15 minutes.