Vanilla Raspberry Delight

Vanilla Raspberry Delight


For 1 tray 60 x 20
  • Crème Cake Batter 925g
  • Frozen Raspberries 150g
  • Caramel Crumble 300g
  • Raspberry Filling, Vanilla Cream & DAWN® Decorgel Raspberry 1000g
1. Crème Cake Batter
  • DAWN® Crème Cake Base - Plain 1000g
  • Egg 350g
  • Vegetable Oil 300g
  • Water 225g

Total 1875g

2. Caramel Crumble
  • DAWN® Crème Cake Base - Plain 500g
  • DAWN® Caramel Compound 35g
  • Butter 125g

Total 660g

3. Raspberry Filling
  • DAWN® Sanatine Powder 50g
  • Hot Water 100g
  • DAWN® Delifruit Raspberry 1000g

Total 1150g

4. Vanilla Mousse
  • DAWN® Neutral Fond 200g
  • Water 200g
  • DAWN® Vani-Star 10g
  • Whipped Cream 1000g

Total 1410g


Fill crème cake batter into paper lined tray 60 x 20 and spread evenly.

Halve the frozen raspberries and sprinkle on top along with the caramel crumble mixture.

Bake at 180°C for 30-35 minutes, then wait for the cake to cool down.

Using half of the vanilla mousse, spread a thin layer on to the cake and top with the raspberry filling mixture.

Spread more vanilla mousse on top of the fruit filling layer and pipe vanilla mousse dots on top, then drizzle with DAWN® Decorgel Raspberry.

Working Method

1. Crème Cake

Mix with a beater all ingredients 1 minute on slow and 3-4 minutes on medium.

2. Caramel Crumble

Mix all ingredients together with beater on slow speed until you get crumble texture.

3. Raspberry Filling

Dissolve DAWN® Sanatine Powder in hot water (min 80°C) then mix gently with DAWN® Delifruit Raspberry.
Fill into paper lined tray 60 x 20 and flatten and freeze.

4. Vanilla Mousse

Mix water with the DAWN® Neutral Fond and DAWN® Vani-Star, then fold in the whipped
cream in two stages.