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Creepy Cake

Creepy Cake


For 1 Cake Ø18cm
1. Crème Cake Chocolate

1875g Total

2. Orange Frosting

1060g Total


1. Crème Cake Chocolate

Mix all ingredients with a beater for 1 minute on slow speed and 3-4 minutes on medium speed.

2. Orange Frosting

Mix all ingredients together adding orange food colouring until desired colour achieved.


Prepare Ø18cm baking tin.
Deposit the Crème Cake Chocolate batter into the tin.
Bake at 180°C deck oven, 150°C fan oven for 40-45 minutes.
Cool for 5 minutes then remove from the tin and invert. Leave to cool fully then cut into five layers.
Spread each layer with orange frosting, sandwich all together and then cover the cake with orange frosting too. Top with DOBLA® Rolled Shavings Plain.