We want to say a big 'thank you' for all of your hard work, rising to the challenge of recent times and keeping our spirits up with delicious baked goods.  

With 100 years of experience in the sweet bakery industry Dawn has always been there to support bakers with reliable, versatile products and expert advice.

To help your business adjust to the new 'normal', we are taking £5 off every bag or tub of our best-selling hero products included in The Dawn Bakers' Dozen.

Now it's our turn to say thank you for being there for us!


Heres to Baker's products
Round of Applause

A Round of Applause for our Hero Products

We've put together a selection of our 13 classic hero products that you can get at a discounted price; The Dawn Bakers' Dozen. 

Just a little helping hand from Dawn to say thank you, and let you know that we're with you all the way. We can't wait for all bakeries and outlets to flourish once again with delicious aromas and enticing displays of sweet baked treats.

Our flexible range of mixes and toppings are ideal ingredients for expert bakers to use to create their customers' favourite treats. 


The Dawn Bakers' Dozen:

The Dawn Bakers' Dozen Product Tables

A Little Dawn Inspiration

If you have been closed throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, or simply need a little burst of inspiration, we have some great recipe ideas below using The Dawn Bakers' Dozen products.

They are also ideal bakery takeaway items to offer your customers.


Wow Recipes

To order any of The Dawn Bakers' Dozen products contact your local wholesaler or distributor.




Together we rise! 

Lady baker holding bag