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In 2019, the Dawn Foods Market Research and Insights Team invested in helping you deliver what consumers seek with a study on the eight global consumer trends bakers should know. The study is designed to inspire Dawn's customers to set new goals, dream up new products and keep up to date with consumer demand in the baking industry. Read more about these trends below and watch them come to life in our video.

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Blissful Indulgence

 In a highly connected world, people look for opportunities to disconnect and reduce stress and anxiety from always being “on”. They want a momentary escape from reality with an indulgent sweet treat.

Tip: Consumers want to make every bite and sip count, so consider creating luxurious treats bursting with premium ingredients that wow their taste buds.



 There’s an experiential aspect to food that goes beyond mere sustenance; people seek ways to make eating an overall experience and a form of entertainment.  If it’s not worth sharing socially it’s not #Eatertainment.

 Tip: Chefs, bakers and restaurants can continually create new culinary sensory encounters through experiential demonstrations, exciting new pairings and on-demand customisation that transform consumers' dining experience.


My Food ID

 Food is an expression of who we are and it communicates our story.  People want to share with others as they believe you are what you eat.

Tip: Bakeries can tap into what makes their business unique and provide products and services that offer memorable and shareable consumer experiences.



Mashup Adventure

 Cross-cultural flavours with surprising combinations and twists give people a low-risk way to be adventurous and have unique sensory experiences.

Tip:  Quench consumers' thirst for 'out of the box' experiences with a fusion of food textures, forms and flavours offering a fresh take on the traditional.


Just For Me

 One size does not fit all, and consumers expect custom experiences tailored to their individual needs to make them feel known, understood and important.

Tip: Nurture existing relationships and build new ones that demand loyalty by getting smart with technology and creating an experience that shapes personal relationships with customers. 

Enlightened Eating

 People seek great tasting, pure and simple products free from artificial ingredients that are loaded with nutrients to fuel their bodies and support a health-conscious lifestyle.

Tip: Replace undesirable ingredients with healthier alternatives and incorporate good-for-you options to transform traditional products into offerings that also power the body.



Transparency 360

 People choose brands that offer meaningful products aligned to bigger-picture values that impact the world, such as supporting local communities, sustainable practices and environmental impact.

Tip: Bakeries may benefit from adopting a holistic approach to their business, aligning their values with sustainable practices and business stewardship so consumers feel good about buying from them.


Twenty-Five 7

 Time is precious, and people are constantly exploring ways to save time and maximize the hours in each day. They look for easy, efficient experiences that won’t compromise food quality.

 Tip: Bakeries can simplify their customers' lives - and save them time - by dishing up great culinary experiences anywhere, anytime, without compromising food quality.