Bakery Trend Spotlight - #eatertainment

Trend Talk - A Closer Look at #eatertainment

Today, the experience is just as important, or even more important, than the product being sold. In all aspects of society, curated experiences are becoming more common and more available. From branded escape rooms to destination vacations and augmented reality menus, these new and immersive experiences indicate a key shift in behaviour we all need to be aware of – people are seeking out adventure and culture immersion, and expect these things from all areas of their lives, even the baked goods they enjoy.

Dining in the sky

What This Means For Your Bakery - Elevating #eatertainment With Your Customers

 Once a product is transformed to an experience, the next logical step is to share it.
• Request and share online reviews from your customers
• Develop orchestrated social media posts, blogs, vlogs and more
• Start small by creating a series of hashtags your customers can use to tag your baked goods and encourage online sharing. Things like #worldsbestbakery or #amazingcakes or #delectabledonuts are simple examples of what can be done. The sky is the limit with this type of free creativity.
• Also consider things like secret menus or insider eating. Clandestine dining events, extended hours or other “opt in” features create the drama and experience your customers are looking for.


Take the Next Step – Be Proactive and Ride the #eatertainment Wave 

You can also launch your own social campaigns featuring select baked goods or certain customers. This ramps up the social appeal of your business and draws in new customers. Additionally, think about custom creations and menu staples that give the visual impact customers want to photograph and post. Bright colours, unique product forms, and unexpected ingredients are just a few ways to create sweets that are worth sharing. 


Research at the Ready – The Three Key Data Nuggets You Need to Know

• Today, 45 percent of people globally share photos or videos weekly, with food and dining pictures having widespread appeal, especially among Millennials.
• When asked which is more exciting, 50 percent of people said trying new products, and the other 50 percent valued trying new experiences.
• Insider Eating is increasing in popularity with things like secret dining events, clandestine retro speakeasies, cavernous underground bars and hidden underground food courts.


What does all of this mean? Creating an exceptional atmosphere and eating experience is now savoured as much as the product itself. The sky is the limit!

Try This Trend Now

Ready to get started? Here’s a recipe for a towering Strawberry Drip Cake that is insta-worthy #eatertainment. 

We’re celebrating #eatertainment, and focusing on the experiential, sharable aspect to the foods we know and love.

Like, Share & Snap - Making Sure The Foods We Love Go Viral

When was the last time you took a picture of a dish from your favourite restaurant or that you made yourself and shared it on social media?

If you’re like most people, probably recently. Most people today embrace the sharable nature of the foods we love by making eating an overall experience and form of entertainment.


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