Bakery Trend Spotlight - Just For Me

Trend Talk - To Know Me Is To Sell To Me

The adage of one size fitting all is not true for today. From personalised interfaces on Amazon or Netflix to the ability to design our own shoes on, we expect to be catered to more than ever before.

Consumer centric automation and the use of smart technology are quickly becoming more about the lifestyle we want to live than about function. Things like all-in-one product codes, responsive beer labels, editable slogan apparel, wearables like Fitbit and Apple Watch, and recipe apps like Yummy have helped to create a world where we can track ourselves and share who we are with the brands we love.

Just for Me Cake

What This Means For Your Bakery - Know The Customers

 How do you show your customers you truly know who they are and what they want?
• Track customer purchases so you can update people with personalised communications on new products, sales, or features that align with their purchasing behaviours
• Think about having special events where customers can create their own desserts or explore with flavours they love, ending with their own creation that reflects who they are
• Allow for a certain level of customisation on regular menu items. Does it make sense for customers to have options for selecting glazes or toppings for donuts? Encouraging them to finish their donuts in store is a smart way to provide personal attention and experiences


Research at the Ready – The Three Key Data Nuggets You Need to Know

When thinking about how to make experiences feel individualised for your customers, consider these important facts.
• 73 percent of consumers want some type of personalisation
• This growth in personalisation is driven by the wide adoption of technology with younger generations, like mobile apps and smart device drives
• Personalised food service encourages more involved buying behaviours and boosts engagement by targeting specific ages, genders or ethnicities


What does all this mean? Your bakery should look for ways to curate experiences that make a difference to your customers. Regular communications that speak to customer preferences, the ability to create products, and events that encourage self-expression are all smart ways to celebrate individualism.

Try This Trend Now

If you’re ready to get started, begin with this unique recipe for Injected Donuts (even better at Halloween!) and ask your customers to pick their fillings and toppings to add their own special flavour touches. 


We’re looking at Just For Me, the trend that touts the importance of personalisation and customised experiences.

Show Me You Know Me

Don’t you love it when a company shares products, they curated just for you?

Everyone appreciates the feeling of being known. And this is especially true when we’re talking about the brands we love. Nothing feels quite as special as getting an email with products picked with you in mind. And with technology taking over, personal connections are becoming even more important. No one wants to feel surrounded by the mass produced, impersonal world we’ve created. While technology can feel cold and distant, it’s becoming sophisticated enough to build customised connections based on our decisions and behaviours. People now expect companies to know them and provide a level of personalisation that would have once seemed impossible.


Just for Me Girl