Bakery Trend Spotlight - Mashup Adventure

Trend Talk - A Closer Look at Mashup Adventure

With our digital world, we have more access to different cultures, tastes and influences than ever before. So it’s no surprise that we’re willing to push the new and exciting, the different and unique more than we were just a few short years ago.

We have a fear of stagnation and want to be sure we’re open to discovery and food exploration. Consumers want out of the box products and are open to creations that push boundaries and excite the taste buds.   


dawnut raspberry

What This Means For Your Bakery - Mashup Your Offerings

How does this connect to your bakery? The options can be as over the top as you want.
• Combine tastes people love with forms they may not expect. Whimsical products like cake sushi or breakfast sandwiches using donuts for bread are just a few fun examples
• Bring cultural influences to time-tested favourites, like a churro flavoured donut or wasabi cupcake
• Feature global regions throughout the year at your bakery, bringing their tastes and traditions to your customers
• Consider a contest asking customers for their most off-the-wall flavour combos and create featured desserts with the winning entries


Research at the Ready – The Three Key Data Nuggets You Need to Know

People are ready for what’s next and what’s new. More and more, today’s consumers are seeking food challenges and enjoy the treasure hunt of finding the hot new item.
• 51% of consumers are willing to try an unfamiliar ingredient
• 75% of consumers globally agree they enjoy experimenting with products from different cultures and countries
• Millennials, single people, Europeans, and US Hispanic consumers are key drivers of this trend to try new flavours out of curiosity


What’s the bottom line? Hybrid flavours are increasing in popularity. Category fusions like vegetables and yogurt; mixed taste profiles like sweet and salty; within category hybrids like mayonnaise and ketchup; and flavours in a new format, like maple bacon donut-flavoured cereal, are all in demand and can help put your bakery in the spotlight if you leverage them well.

Try This Trend Now

It’s easy to take the next step towards a true mashup. Let your creativity lead the way and get started! We’re giving you some inspiration to get your ideas flowing with this recipe for these Smores Cupcakes.


 We’re focusing on Mashup Adventure, don’t be afraid to push those boundaries and try something new.

Mix It Up and Try Something New

Are you more experimental with your food flavours than you were five years ago?  

Chances are, your answer is yes. Today, more and more restaurants, chefs and bakeries are experimenting with cross-cultural flavours and surprising ingredient combinations to give consumers a look into other cultures and provide them with unique sensory experiences. It’s low risk, full of flavour, and a lot of fun to create!



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