Bakery Trend Spotlight - Transparency 360

Trend Talk - A Closer Look at Transparency 360

Today, authenticity is critical to lasting success. With more access to the brands we love than ever before, being a company that stands for something matters. Customers want to see behind the curtain to understand how you give back, where you buy your ingredients and supplies, and how you treat the communities you’re a part of. 

Conscious choices are becoming the norm for how consumers shop. They want to feel good about the products they purchase and they expect overall peace of mind about how their hard-earned pounds are spent.


Transparency 360 Livestock

What This Means For Your Bakery - Shine a Light on Sustainability

How does Transparency 360 connect to your operations? There are small steps you can take to ensure your values reflect your customers’ priorities.
• Support local charities that matter to your employees and share the results of your efforts on your website, social media and other public touch points
• Understand the story of your ingredients – the farms they start with, how they are processed, and the journey to your bakery. If they are sustainable, be sure to share this. And if they are not sustainable, consider alternatives
• Think about earmarking profits from a specific product to a cause your customers care about. Ask for suggestions or hold a contest and align with the cause that customers have the most heart for


Research at the Ready – The Three Key Data Nuggets You Need to Know

When it comes to defining how you give back and steward your communities and the planet, everything can matter. Being aware of plastic and food waste, the role of food sourcing and its connection to the climate, and understanding the sustainability of your ingredients are just the beginning.
• 66% overall and 73% of Millennials are willing to pay more for a product if it comes from a socially responsible brand
• More than half of consumers are influenced by sustainability in their buying decisions
• Millennials want to know that companies they buy from are committed to ethical business practices. They are demanding open policies about corporate citizenship


What’s the bottom line? Customers want to know what you care about and that you care about what matters to them. Share your values, connect with your community, and communicate all of it to consumers. They want to hear what you’re up to.

Try This Trend Now

If you’re ready to celebrate Transparency 360, here’s a recipe you can integrate into your bakery: Breakfast Savoury Muffins. Use ingredients from a local butchers and shout about this to your customers. 

 We’re digging into Transparency 360, which showcases the consumer desire to support businesses that promote positive social values and stewardship.

Keep Your Eye on the Bigger Picture

Do you have customers interested in learning what your corporate values are?

Today, consumers are focused on buying from those businesses whose values align to bigger picture ideals that impact the world. Anything from supporting local communities to employing sustainable practices that reduce environmental impact can be the tipping point for the modern customer when deciding which brands deserve their loyalty.  


Transparency 360