Creating Comfort for Consumers

The rollout of coronavirus vaccines across the globe is certainly news worth celebrating. But even with this light at the end of the tunnel, there is a long way to go until our lives are back to a sense of normality. It comes as no surprise then that 32% of consumers say they’re currently experiencing severe anxiety (Source: Datassentials, US, 2020).


During anxious periods, old favourites and small comforts become more important than ever - with 62% of consumers saying they want to stick to familiar products during times of uncertainty (Source: Datassentials, US, 2020). The hope? That their favourite foods and baked goods will bring a much-needed mood boost.

With socialising in bigger groups or at restaurants also unlikely for a long while, consumers are treating themselves and loved ones to baked indulgences instead, to make occasions (or even an average day) more special.


Glazed Pastries

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