Cupcake Masterclass - Inspiration and Tips

Everybody loves a delicious and eye-catching cupcake. Be it a treat to congratulate yourself for hard work, to share with family and friends, or to mark a special occasion, cupcake popularity is far from waning.

Cupcakes are a staple in bakeries and cafes, however, they can be more than just a normal bake. With the Blissful Indulgence indulgence trend and #eatertainment, which focuses on the experiential, sharable aspect to the foods we know and love, customers are seeking not only great taste in products, but also visual appeal, surprising textures and flavour combinations. Below are some inspirational trends and tips to help create delicious cupcake masterpieces.

Summer Fruity Delight

Cupcakes with yummy frosting can be turned into an irresistible treat with the help of a few different piping nozzles, compounds and rich fruit fillings. The perfect summer treat!

1. Simply make up the cupcakes with Dawn Genoese Cake Base.

Tip: Use Dawn Compounds in the batter to achieve an even more indulgent taste!

2. Bake the cupcakes in a deck oven at 170°C for 21-23 minutes.

3. Unleash your creativity with various piping techniques.

Tip: Pipe in a circle around the edge of the cupcake and leave the middle exposed.

  • Use open and closed star nozzles to create flower and wreath effects around the cupcake like our Toffee Apple and Black Forest cupcakes.
  • Use a circle nozzle to create a flower on the outer edge of the cupcake, like our Blueberry and Cream Cheese sweet treat.
  • Use nozzles with multiple openings to create the multiple leaf effect of the Strawberry cupcakes.

4. Next, add Dawn Fruit Fillings into the middle. You can carefully scoop the fillings with a spoon, or use a piping bag and portion just enough so as not to still.

Pinata cupcake

Party Surprise

Injecting a cupcake can bring even more premium taste to it, but how about surprising your customers with inclusions that they don't expect to find there?
You can add a variety of small hidden treats in a Piñata cupcake.
Simply cut the top off each cupcake. Remove the middle of the cupcake bases with a 40mm round cutter, leaving about 1cm of the base intact. Fill the hole with various sweets.
Here is the full Piñata Cupcake Recipe.

Mastering New Flavour Combinations

Cupcakes scented with thyme, lemon, verbena or mint are on trend and pairings such as gin and lavender, peach and prosecco and pineapple and coconut are increasingly popular. Matcha, yuzu and pandan are indicative of high-end cupcake offerings, often topped with exotic fruit, fresh flowers or even gold leaf. 
Try combining the well-loved raspberry and exotic flavour of coconut with the recipe of these Cupcakes