Dawn Dip Quik: Inspirational Ideas for your Donuts

Did you know that consumers are willing to pay up to 50% more for donuts that are eye-catching, luxurious and instagrammable?

Creating stunning toppings for your donuts is a sure way to catch your customers’ attention and stand out from the competition. The New Dawn Dip Quik allows you to easily ice your products; it’s ready-to-use with no heating required. Simply pour the icing from the pail into a bowl, mix, then start dipping!

Dip Quik can easily be combined with Dawn Compounds to create a range of exciting flavours and colours. Create products with favourite flavours such as chocolate or strawberry, or experiment with emerging flavour combinations like peanut butter or cookies and cream. Add that extra touch of luxury to your donuts by topping off with decorations like chocolate, popcorn, candy or cookies.

Our Inspirational Booklet is full of ideas to get you started – from Halloween and Christmas designs, to pastel colours and kidult themes. All these are easier to create using Dawn Dip Quik, along with additional colours and decorations.

Dawn Dip Quik Donuts