Dawn Foods and Taboo Donuts

Having spotted a gap in the quick service restaurant market in Belfast for high-end donuts, businessman Brett McKinney commissioned a state-of-the-art bakery in Craigavon, Lurgan to make and supply donuts for a number of donut bars he planned to open throughout Northern Ireland.

Although passionate about food, McKinney had little experience within the bakery sector.  After careful and extensive research with established bakery equipment manufacturers, he approached Dawn Foods to supply ingredients given its long donut heritage, wide range of products and its relationship with O’Brien’s, Ireland’s biggest ingredients distributor.  O’Brien Ingredients has been the exclusive distributor of Dawn products for the whole of Ireland since 1994 and there are many synergies between the two businesses; both are family owned & operated and both place the customer at the heart of their operations.

Working closely with Dawn and using over 30 of its products including donut mixes, icings, fruit and crème fillings, glazes, fonds, compounds and chocolate decorations, Taboo was able to develop its new donut range in plenty of time for the launch.  With new donuts such as Bitter-Sweet Lemon Meringue, Forbidden Fruit with Fresh Orange and Crunch Time flavoured with honeycomb, product development was intense and demanding but working together Dawn and Taboo were able to deliver fantastic new products.

“Dawn has been crucial in helping us find our way to the incredible range we have developed.  The team’s knowledge, expertise and contacts has been invaluable in moving us to launch.”  Brett McKinney, Director, Taboo Donuts.

“Our involvement with Taboo Donuts is typical of the way we go to market.  We don’t just sell products and expect a customer to get on with it.  If our customers need help or guidance it is our pleasure and privilege to provide it.”  Garry Russell, Sales Manager for Ireland, Dawn Foods.

Taboo’s Ann Street Store in Belfast’s hip Cathedral Quarter was the first outlet to open in June 2018 and a further 13 stores are planned to open across Northern Ireland soon.