Dawn Trend: 25/7

Time is the prime extravagance; we work to fit 25 hours of responsibilities into 24 hours each day. We’re willing to outsource activities—to anyone or anything, alive or digital—to make time for personal needs, shared experiences and special connections. Products and services that free up time—or allow us to earn time—to do the things that are most valued become the true hero.
Long work hours, hefty commutes and ever-growing extracurriculars contribute to a hectic lifestyle, with consumers citing  time as a precious commodity.

Bakers have to cater for their customers that require the sweet bakery treats to be even more accessible and convenient to pick up. Enter our new consumer trend: 25/7.

When identifying this trend in the bakery sector, we analysed over 100 sources including syndicated research reports, trade shows and publications, as well as primary research and vendor data. From there we identified these driving factors behind the trend:

  • Convenience and portability are costs of entry in many food categories, accelerating a shift to snacking and spontaneous mealtime decisions:
    • 40% of dinner decisions are made 30 minutes in advance.
    • 214% growth in on-the-go claims from 2010 to 2015.
  • In our hyperconnected, technology-enabled society, consumers now seamlessly integrate multiple technologies into our lives and buying behaviour, which fuels expectations for instant gratification.
  • Technology-based services such as interactive digital assistants, online groceries, online home meal kits & to-go food ordering and more reflect expanding expectations for convenience.