Dawn Trend: #FoodieExpressions

Foodie culture has exploded. For many of us, cooking has gone from chore to passion, while going out for a meal is how we connect with others and express ourselves.
Technology’s plays a major role in spreading food love: celebrity chef and baking and patisserie TV shows, like Great British Bake Off, bloggers, recipe apps and e-delivery services that help us cook.
#Instaworthy means— they all fuel our obsession with food and our growing desire to show off our foodie experiences sharing though various social media channels.

#FoodieExpression is all about products and services that are unique, memorable and shareable will get your customer’s attention.

When identifying the trend in the bakery sector, we analysed over 100 sources including syndicated research reports, trade shows and publications, as well as primary research and vendor data. From there we identified these driving factors behind the trend:

  • Younger generations are leading the YOLO movement; living life to the fullest is their mantra. They value experiences and individuality over ownership of consumer goods.
  • Food is becoming an event— an experience of its own: Food and drink pairings, tasting menus, food trucks and restaurant hopping to try one for dinner and another for dessert are all the rage.
  • Social media helps showcase these foodie experiences and fuels ongoing interest and engagement.
  • Consumer's desire to express oneself drives 12% of sweet baked goods occasions, as many sweets are intended for others and what we decide to share says a lot about who we are.