Dawn Trend: Mashup Mania

Experimenting with new foods and flavours is exhilarating and adventurous. Many of us crave unique pairings and fusions of food textures, forms and flavours—and our expectations are high. 

More chefs and bakers are answering the call for these unique creations by combining the relative safety of a known food or ingredient with the excitement of something new and different. From cronuts and cruffins to grilled cheese donuts, mashups push the limits of flavour and creativity.

Mashup Mania trend is all about using creativity to bake up sweet bakery showstoppers that surprise and delight your customers with all their favourite tastes in one delicious bite.

When identifying this trend in the bakery sector, we analysed over 100 sources including syndicated research reports, trade shows and publications, as well as primary research and vendor data. From there we identified these driving factors behind the trend:

  • There’s a growing sense of individualism and non-conformity that is derived from a more diverse population and the ubiquity of technology. 
  • Mainstream media are fuelling discovery of new and different foods as a form of adventure and exploration, so much that “unique is the new normal.”
  • Top foodies are most likely to experiment with flavours in desserts, cakes/pastries and sweet biscuits/cookies.
  • Savoury and sweet fusions are taking many forms, with new and exciting applications springing up in cutting-edge restaurants and bakeries.