Added benefits are one of the most powerful USPs giving value to existing products. From living longer to sleeping deeper and performing better, health is quantified and data driven. Nutraceuticals, micronutrients and minerals will all be desirable additions. Brands will see value in creating foods with added health giving properties that have more than one function. Ingredients such as bee pollen, spirulina, matcha and maca will be added to traditional foods for additional anti-oxidant and vitamin

Holistic health will enable consumers to manage their own wellness. The return to Victorian mothers’ recipes for healing will become popular, using kitchen cabinet ingredients. Forgotten ingredients will become more commonplace and fruit and vegetables once out of favour, will also gain some new exposure (think greengages, damsons and dandelion greens, for example). Technology to integrate self-improvement, mental well-being, individual nutrition needs and fitness will continue to develop apace. Healthcare will become remote, 24/7, easy access and targeted. Nano technology, biology and cutting edge science will offer consumers optimum health. However, nutraceuticals will also be used in healthcare and performance enhancing interventions.

Fortification and high-performance, bio-available nutrition will enhance a variety of foods and regular food staples will be imbued with added benefits.